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Marjorie June 3, 2020

Consider the impact of nutrition on your life and your work. Do you have a reason (physical, emotional, environmental, social) to focus on improved nutrition?

  • Visit your personal reflections page, and:
    • Write yourself a note about the impact of (good or bad) nutrition on your life.
    • Write a goal for  positive dietary change.
  • Optionally, to help fuel your thoughts, visit https://NutritionFacts.org or https://Google.com or other search engine for a subject of interest, and see if you can learn more about a related role of nutrition. Sample Google searches:
    • common vitamin deficiencies alcoholism • impact of factory farming • nutrition anxiety • nutrition depression • nutrition hippocampus • nutrition productivity • nutritional deficiency dysmenorrhea • nutritional deficiency menstrual cramps • nutritional deficiency mental health • nutritional deficiency psychiatric • refined grain vs whole grain • (something else of interest, related to nutrition)
When you learn from internet searches, you will of course be exposed to all kinds of content. (Even folks telling you that vegetables are unhealthful.) And of course, it is up to you to determine what information you find to be credible.

Dietary improvements can be positive, even life-changing! Yet we acknowledge that some impacts may be not-so-positive. For instance: if you eat healthfully, you may be challenged by others, or teased or told that you are an extremist, or that you are no fun. Or people may become jealous of your health. Or you may find that desired health benefits don’t happen very quickly (or at all), and feel frustrated.

Do you value nutrition enough to strive for its positive impacts? The purpose of this persona exercise is to be a “gut check” on the role that nutrition plays in your life and work.

  • If you use Notion:
    • New Page > Empty with Icon
    • Click on the icon, and choose an appropriate emoji (before or after you write your text).

BTW, Notion has a random icon tool. We like this one that came up randomly on the first click!
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