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→ Exercise 4B: Revisit your barriers.

Marjorie June 3, 2020

Visit your original barriers page.

Did the Ten Strategy ideas help you to address any of the barriers?

If some barriers still feel hard to overcome is there a way for you to arrange for support? (Friends? Online support? Talk therapy?) If a barrier is ridiculously hard to overcome, is there a way to either accept it, or focus on other Healthy Campaign possibilities?

In the talk (and the animation that graces the HealthyCampaign.org website), we mentioned three particularly oft-mentioned barriers:

  • I don’t have time to cook.
  • It’s expensive to eat real food.
  • I don’t have space.

Our strategies include rapid, affordable, and small-space cooking methods.

If you are completely reliant on other people for your food supply, can you exercise advocacy and communication skills to change what’s in the pipeline?

Are tastebuds a barrier? (If that, we promise we can find healthy food that also tastes delicious.) Is mindset a barrier for you?

Feel free to continue to figure out what may be stopping you from practicing optimal nutrition.

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