Meet The Team

We offer tutorials, peer-to-peer support, skill-sharing, volunteer opportunities,
networking with other organizers, and toolkits for organizing locally.

Count Me In To Win is a place where progressives can come together to connect, learn, and get involved — to stand up and join in. We want to share in the skills and experience we have developed together, and we publish courses in a variety of topics ranging from social media marketing to self care so that we can be the most effective volunteers and community leaders that we can be. This is also a place where people can connect with progressives from around the United States, get to know each other, and post and find volunteer and job opportunities. We believe that together, we can create a brighter future.

Margie Roswell is a nutrition educator and founder of Healthy Campaign. Her goal is to bring to life her vision of healthy eating as the norm in every progressive campaign, supporting campaign workers’ well-being, and fueling political victories. Margie also builds interactive visualizations for activists, including legislative scorecards, endorsement maps, and congressional vote maps. She is the creator of three nutrition science and policy websites:, and

Annabel Park is progressive activist, a filmmaker (9500 LibertyStory of America), and the co-founder of the digital media company, Indigo Light. She is a passionate advocate for immigrant rights, social justice, and democratic reform. She has launched several online communities including the Coffee PartyBridge the Divide, Story of AmericaFacing HumanityAmerica Welcomes Refugees, and The Talk on Main Street. She studied philosophy and politics at Boston University and then at Oxford University. Since joining Healthy Campaign, the change in eating habits and diet has significantly improved her health.